Check out the exclusive world premiere of our newest single “To Life“. This is final song from our session at the renowned Q Division Studios in Somerville, Ma.  It is also the final song of this year long video series.

Like most groups, we have had a lot of twists and turns over the years.  This idea of releasing a video album started from a very low point in our bands history.  The beginning of 2013 was a rough one for us and we were trying to make the decision if we were going to continue doing this or explore other endeavors.  It was when Paul and I, driving home from editing our Along from the Ride video came up with this idea of releasing 4 eps of live videos.  We set goals for ourselves for writing, raising money, arranging our time, and we decided that night that it was going to happen!

We started these sessions in October of 2013 and ever since that first session, it has breathed new life into our songs and our band.  A lot of life has happened between this moment and the release of our last album, and it has shows tremendously in our songwriting, performance, and execution.

Our final song “To Life” gives that exact message.  Take your time, slow down and enjoy the path that your on, because once you’ve realized that, you will live a rich and fulfilling life.  I couldn’t be more proud of what our guys have accomplished up until this point, and we are like always, super #dudestoked to share our newest song “To Life“! Enjoy.

Side Note: (Just to pat our selves on the back), this is the only song we recorded in one take : )

Reminder: All of our songs are FREE to download at our bandcamp page, including our newest release!